R: The PoL Loves Cute Animals

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Past years:

Fall 2016

R: Pay Wages for Housework
R: Don’t Go Into Academia
R: Not My President
R: Abolish Sex Offender Registries
R: Dismantle the Peabody
R: Reject the Referendum
R: Abolish the Nation-State
R: Let the State Be Your Pediatrician
R: Secularism is Progress
R: Ditch the Democratic Party
R: Automate Warfare
R: Divorce the State from Marriage
R: Don’t Coordinate Protests with the Police


R: Ban Pornography (BDD Debate)
R: Decolonize the Mind
R: Pursue a “Melting Pot” Society
R: Intellectual Property Is Neither
R: Embrace the Politics of Nonviolence (Alumni debate)
R: Landmark Historic Buildings
R: Embrace Truth and Reconciliation Committees
R: Vote for Hillary
R: Bring Back Busing
R: Performance Enhancing Drugs are the New Glasses
R: Ditch Monogamy
R: The Left Must Be Anti-Nationalist
R: Demonize ISIL
R: The Left Needs Utopia
R: African States Should Nationalize Resources to Develop
R: Embrace Location-Based Housing Policy
R: Close Vocational Schools
R: Evil is Banal
R: Mechanize Labor
R: Pope Francis is the Enemy of the Left
R: Raise Your Children Gender-Neutral
R: Feel the Bern
R: Greece Should Leave the European Union
R: Abolish the Right to Privacy

Spring 2015
R: Ban Hate Speech (BDD debate)
R: Legalize the Purchase of Sex
R: Don’t Respect the Wishes of the Dead (Alumni debate)
R: Mandate Cochlear Implants
R: Give Foreign Aid Unconditionally
R: Try Serbian War Criminals in Bosnian Courts
R: Encourage White Guilt
R: Censor the Thigh Gap
R: Nationalize the Curriculum
R: Break Police Unions
R: Oppression Justifies Terrorism

Fall 2014
R: Mandate Mixed-Gender Housing
R: Let Man Have Dominion Over the Earth
R: Wage No War But the Class War
R: Beautify Cities
R: Replace Welfare with Government Jobs
R: This House Prefers Test Tubes to Fallopian Tubes
R: The Arc of History Bends Towards Justice
R: Embrace a One-State Solution
R: Build Your Life Around Your Career
R: Abolish Gifted Programs in Public Schools
R: Ban Pornography
R: Atheism is Progress
R: Dismantle the U.S. Military

Spring 2014
R: Institute One World Government (BDD debate)
R: Abolish Private Defense Counsel
R: The Freër the Trade, the Freër the People
R: Free Love Is Neither
R: Dismantle the NSA (Alumni debate)
R: Dodge the Draft
R: Support the Academic Boycott of Israel
R: The Leftist Cannot Love
R: Abolish Intellectual Property
R: Respect the Sovereignty of Democratic Nations
R: Ban Casinos
R: Pope Francis Is Good for the Left

Fall 2013
R: Abolish Sex Offender Registries
R: Let Neo-Nazis March Through Jewish Neighborhoods
R: Return the Elgin Marbles
R: Leave Local Politics to the Locals
R: Open the Borders
R: Oppose Gay Marriage
R: Institute Death Panels
R: Bliss Is Ignorance
R: Abolish Trial By Jury
R: Let the State Raise Your Children
R: Agnosticism Is Cowardice
R: Feminists Must Be Pro-Choice
R: The United States Should Intervene In Syria

Spring 2013
R: Dismantle the Elite University
R: There Is No Right to Privacy (BDD debate)
R: The Left Should Seek a Post-Racial Society
R: Reject the Protestant Work Ethic (Alumni debate)
R: Embrace Marxism
R: Ban Holocaust Denial
R: Help America’s Poor First
R: Out Accused Rapists
R: Prosecute Robin Hood
R: Reject the Living Constitution
R: Performance-Enhancing Drugs Are the New Glasses
R: Sexual Liberation Is FALSE Consciousness
R: The Left Must Censure Violence

Fall 2012
R: The Left Needs Heroes
R: That To Love the Sinner Is To Love the Sin
R: Let the South Secede
R: Cripple America’s Military
R: Wage the War on Religion
R: Enter the Matrix
R: Sink Whaling Ships
R: Regulate the Marketplace of Ideas
R: Raise Children Gender Neutral
R: Mandate National Service
R: Divorce the State from Marriage
R: Democracy Has Failed
R: Humanitarian Intervention Is an Oxymoron

Spring 2012
R: Soldiers Are Not Heroes (BDD debate)
R: Free the Bears, Free the Giraffes, Free All Zoölogical Prisoners!
R: Embrace Escapism
R: Nationalize the curriculum (Alumni debate)
R: Hold developing nations to strict environmental standards
R: Federalism Is a Failed Experiment (joint debate with the Federalist Party)
R: Repeal the Free Exercise Clause
R: Suicide Is the Prerogative of the Individual
R: The American Left Should be Unpatriotic
R: Open Relationships (Debate-a-thon)
R: Mechanize Labor
R: ¡Viva la Revolución

Fall 2011
R: The U.S. Should Not Have Intervened in Libya
R: The Democratic Party Has Failed the Left
R: Allow Sex-Selective Abortions
R: Build Your Life Around Your Career
R: Oppression Justifies Terrorism
R: The Arc of History Bends Towards Justice
R: This House is Destroying America (Joke Debate)
R: #OccupyWallStreet
R: Abolish Marriage
R: Contact Uncontacted Tribes
R: Encourage White Guilt
R: Be Good, Not Great
R: Leave Some Children Behind

Summer 2011
R: Tax Unhealthy Foods (Inaugural Summer Debate)

Spring 2011
R: Human Nature is Something to be Overcome
R: Justice Should Not Be Punitive
R: Abolish Monarchies
R: Support Anti-American Democracies
R: Free Love is Good
What is the Left and Why are You on It? (Closed Party Caucus)
R: Abolish Inheritance
R: Don’t Automate Warfare
R: Encourage Homeownership (Alumni Debate)
R: Let the Nuclear Family Melt Down (Joint Debate with the Federalist Party)
R: Westernize the World
R: Political Leaders Should Be Moral Leaders

Fall 2010
R: Capitalism is Immoral
R: Reject Gender
R: Atheism is Progress
R: Feminists Must be Pro-Choice
R: Abolish the Nation-State System
R: End Immigration Restrictions to the United States
R: Be a Loyal Democrat
R: The University Should Ban Misogynist Chants
R: Leave Justice to the State
R: Communism is Immoral (2010 Debate-a-thon)
R: The Left Should be Anti-Military
R: Revolution in a Liberal Democracy is Never Justified
R: Reject the Western Canon

Spring 2010
R: Total War Can Be Justified
R: Journalists Should Put the Truth Above All
R: Bring Opera to the Poor
R: Institute a Maximum Wage
R: The Human Race Should Not Seek Immortality
R: Beat China to Mars
R: Welfare Should Be Conditional
R: Honor is Obsolete (Joint Debate with the Tory Party)
R: The POL Should Seek Corporate Sponsorship (Joke Debate)
R: The Left Should End its Special Relationship with Labor (Alumni Debate)
What is the Left and Why Are You On It? (Closed Party Caucus)
R: The Left Has Too Much Faith in Government

Fall 2009
R: Capitalism is Immoral
R: Withdraw From Afghanistan
R: Give the Best Students the Most Resources
R: Save New Haven, Not Darfur
R: Allow Parents to Genetically Engineer Their Children
R: Politicians Should Look Like Their Constituents
R: Preserve Nature At The Expense Of Human Welfare
R: The Left Should Embrace Counterculture (Alumni Debate)
R: End Priest-Penitent Privilege
R: Break Up The New Haven Democratic Machine (Debate-a-thon)
R: The UN Should Have A Standing Army
R: Accept Arranged Marriage
R: End Jail Time For Nonviolent Offenders

Spring 2009
R: A Liberal Arts Education Is Not For Everyone
R: The Left Should Promote Marriage
R: Repeal Hate Crimes Legislation
R: Preserve Manufacturing in America
R: Install Surveillance Cameras in Public Places
What is the Left and Why Are You On It? (Closed Party Caucus)
R: Prosecute Batman
R: The Only Thing we Have to Fear is the Collapse of the World Economy (Joke Debate)
R: Gentrify (Alumni Debate)
R: Ban Smoking

Fall 2008
R: The U.S. Should Enforce Human Rights Abroad
R: Justice Requires Vengeance
R: Be a Loyal Democrat
R: Put Family Before Country
R: The Left Should Be Angry
R: America Needs a New Constitution
R: Yalies Know Best
R: Every Ethnicity Deserves a Homeland
R: Allow the Sale of Bodily Organs
R: Noble Lies are a Noble Lie (Joke Debate)
R: President Obama Should Govern From the Center
R: Hold Developing Nations to Strict Environmental Standards

Spring 2008
R: Let the Old People Die
R: Fund Food Stamps, Not NASA
R: Evil Exists
R: Men and Women Cannot be Friends (Joint Debate with the Conservative Party)
R: Use Racial Profiling in Airports
R: Dodge the Draft
R: The Left Should Condemn the Burqa
What is the Left and Why are We on it? (Closed Party Caucus)
R: Markets Cure Poverty
R: Duty Before Happiness
R: The Left Should Reject Religion

Fall 2007
R: International Responsibility Trumps National Interest
R: The Left Should Not Support Israel
R: Racial Inequality Cannot Be Eliminated
R: Columbia Should Not Have Invited Ahmadinejad
R: Harbor Illegal Immigrants
R: Self Harm is a Right
R: Institute Mandatory Public Service
R: You Shall Not Crucify Mankind Upon a Cross of Gold (Joke Debate)
R: Politicians Should Vote Their Religious Convictions
R: A Stay at Home Parent is a Waste of a Yale Education
R: All Countries Should Embrace Democracy (Joint Debate with the Tory Party)

Spring 2007
R: Democratic Participation Should Not Be Anonymous
R: Yale Suites Should Be Coed
R: China is Our Enemy
R: One’s Legacy is More Important Than One’s Life
R: Abolish Teacher’s Unions
R: Chivalry Hurts Women (Joint Debate with the Tory Party)
R: Atheism is Progress
R: One World Government
R: Conquer Canada/That These United Colonies Are and of Right Ought to be Free and Independent States/Korea is the Phallus that Will Impregnate the World/Strange Women Lying in Ponds Distributing Swords is No Basis for a System of Government (Joke Debate)
What is the Left and Why are We on it? (Closed Party Caucus)
R: Save Women, Censor Porn

Fall 2006
R: Torture Can Be Justified
R: The Left Needs Lamont
R: Love Your Country Even When You Hate It
R: Government Handouts Can’t Work
R: The Irresponsible Forfeit Their Rights
R: True Societal Change Requires Revolution
R: Out of Iraq, into Sudan
R: Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker (Joke Debate)
R: Disenfranchise the Ignorant
R: Free Love is Wrong

Spring 2006
R: Women Should be Drafted
R: The American Left is Unpatriotic
R: Interest Group Politics Harms the Left