Having fun as usualPoLThe Party of the Left (PoL) is one of the seven parties of the Yale Political Union (YPU). It was founded in 2006 by individuals who sought rigorous dialogue between competing strands of leftist thought.

The Party of the Left comes together each week to debate issues that divide the Left and the world at large. Through thoughtful speeches and tough questions, Party members challenge and push each other intellectually. Always, the Party asks its members to wrestle with the questions “What is the Left? And why am I on it?” Past debate resolutions include: “Resolved: Legalize the purchase of sex,” “Resolved: Embrace the politics of non-violence,” and a joint resolution with the Yale African Students Association (YASA) titled, “Resolved: African States should Nationalize Resources to Develop.” All are welcome to come and participate in Party debates.

Party Sophomores at a rally for GESO

The Party of the Left does not just seek to help its members develop their own personal philosophies. Always in mind is the goal of working to reinvigorate and reinvent the Left as a serious political and intellectual movement in America and in the world. The Party of the Left looks to challenge ideological opponents both in the YPU and beyond. The Party of the Left is also unique in having an Activism Coordinator who encourages Party members to engage with other progressive groups on and off campus. Members of the PoL are currently involved in writing for Yale’s feminist magazine, organizing for more fair financial aid policies, and participating in the New Haven Democratic party.

The Party of the Left is also a strong community of friends. Party members meet up together to study, participate in activism, discuss current events and hang out. We also have planned activities, such as party soccer, holiday parties, and games night. Additionally, every Monday party members convene to “watch” Last Week Tonight in the Saybrook TV Room (usually people are talking with the TV on in the background). We also eat together at our weekly party dinner!

The Party of the Left seeks to fulfill its mission to develop our members as people and leaders, and to develop a new vision of the Left. And while this is central to the Party’s purpose, just as important is the Party’s ability to create friendships that last.